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Select Smallworks Press Editions

A Quest for Meaning: The Art & Poetry of Jerry Pfaffl

Indra's Jewels Book Cover

Silk Scarves
Indra's Jewels Scarves Hanging

Indra's Jewels Scarves

Iridescent Dogs
And the Men Who Hunt Them
by DB Holland
illustrations by James Stanford

Iridescent Dogs Cover

Iridescent Dogs Back Cover

Offroading With Bhodhidharma
Tales and Songs from the Outposts
by David Mott, Thom Pastor, Jesse Stewart
Design and Photography by James Stanford

Offroading with Bhodhidharma: Tales and Songs from the Outposts

Looking for Renfro
Cover, design, and typography: Milo Duffin & James Stanford

by James Stanford

Wonder requires that we put down all of our preconceptions . . .
about the nature of the universe.


Nawari Koans
The Wumenguan as interpreted
by Robert J. Fitzwater
illustrations by James Stanford

Nawari Koans

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