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Wonder is a reverie straight from the mind’s eye.  Wonder requires reverie, and reverie requires open mindedness, which is the suspension of all beliefs. Wonder demands that we all put down all of our preconceptions, and forces us to question even our most basic assumptions about the nature of the universe. Open mindedness is the non-judgemental condition necessary for realizing enlightenment, which is a very rare state in this opaque age of religious fundamentalism and endless warfare.

Often times our society fails to recognize the importance of Wonder, foolishly considering it merely a childish artifact of youth. But what do we know as adults if we don’t challenge even our most precious assumptions?

This work is a series of meditations that reassemble the souvenirs of my memory. The only memories I can authentically examine are my own.

This body of work was executed with Adobe® Photoshop®, which allows a form of photomontage that is perfect for illustrating my own sense of wonder.  This exhibit was assembled using found images, objects and original photography.

The Wonder book features full-color reproductions of each of James Stanford's Wonder works in a spiral binding. Size: 16.6" x 5.6."

Wonder Back Cover

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