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Oliver Wasow
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Digital photographer Oliver Wasow received a B.A. in media studies from Hunter College in New York City in 1982. He now resides and works in Warwick, New York participating in solo exhibitions in New York City and exhibiting both coast to coast and internationally in many landmark group shows. Wasow’s photographic images are displayed in a number of prominent collections worldwide and are included in the permanent collections of several museums including the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City.

Utilizing the limitless possibilities of digital technology Wasow’s imagination runs wild, concocting landscapes in which nature and culture meet in the world of cyberreality. Wasow collages and digitally manipulates a photographic archive of the man-made and the natural, of past and future, of tranquility and disaster. These surreal fusions of man and his creations are hauntingly disconcerting, suggesting a vision of the utopian dream gone awry. One is lured into each fantastic image reveling in the visual sensation while detecting a sense of dissonance and incongruity.

Wasow combines his own photographs with appropriated images seamlessly melding them into self-sustaining works. His digital creations present a surrogate world in which ones memory is jarred by images once familiar and comfortable appearing hyperreal.

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