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Kathleen Nathan

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Kathleen Nathan self-portrait

Artist Statement

Some of my earliest memories are associated with flowers - pots of African violets on the window sill in my grandmother's apartment, tight green round buds that exploded into huge puffs of pink peonies, forsythia forced to bloom inside as a March blizzard roared outside, dainty violets in the wood, Queen Anne's Lace waving by the roadside, sweet peas tumbling over a forgotten fence . . .

I continue to be fascinated with flowers. The works in this collection are the results of my investigations in the botanical realm. These photographic prints are made directly from the plants and insects; neither camera nor film is involved in the process. Each time I project an arrangement of petals, stalks, stamens, leaves, or wings onto the photographic paper, I am amazed by the reversed and revealing results. Simple, yet complex; these images make visible what is invisible to the human eye, presenting the beauty, chaos, and order of nature.

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