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Smallworks Diary
Second Season


Pamela Crimmins, Jeffrey Fulmer, Susan Leopold,
& Other National and Regional Artists

September 11 - October 10, 1998

Kevin Wixted

October 16 - November 28, 1998

Horse Show

Horse Show

Joe Andoe, Robert Beckmann, Mary Ann Bonjorni,
Shannon Brinkman, Susan Leopold, Richard McLean,
Olivia Parker, Walter Piehl, Jack Spencer,
Karen Tossavainen, & Mary Warner

October 16 - November 28, 1998

Theresa HackettMichael Pauker

January 22 - March 6, 1999

Botanical Show/Kathleen Nathan

The Botanical Show

Dennis Angel, Robert Beckmann, Ross Bleckner,
Tom Gilbertson, Merrilee Hortt, Clint Imboden
Delores Nast, Kathleen Nathan, April Richardson
James Stanford, & Mary Warner

March 12 - April 24, 1999

Printworks/Scott Kilgour


Joe Andoe, James Brown, Ross Bleckner,
Francesco Clemente, David Hockney, Scott Kilgour,
Julian Schnabel & Andy Warhol

May 14 - July 31, 1999

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